For the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Simplicity in an Age of Complexity. We Make Technology Accessible and Easy.

For the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Simplicity in an Age of Complexity. We Make Technology Accessible and Easy.

For the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Simplicity in an Age of Complexity. We Make Technology Accessible and Easy.

Joseph Cali Systems Design, Inc.

Joseph Cali Systems Design is on the forefront of audio video distribution and home automation for over 30 years. JCSD has a firmly established tradition as providing not only the most cutting-edge technology, but also highly creative and sophisticated installations. We provide superior quality products with personalized attention to the needs of our clients. Residential and commercial installations are of the highest quality and comply with the architectural excellence of the home or business.

Joseph Cali Systems Design provides consultation, installation, programming, and equipment for your home or business. Whether you desire a complete entertainment, security or automated control systems, JCSD is your complete solution for audio video, theater, telecom, automation and home networking needs.

Our clients expect the highest quality installations, products, ease of use, intuitive user interfaces, as well, by how quickly we respond to a client’s needs in servicing these systems. JCSD is committed to sustaining a positive, long-term relationship with all their clients and when attention is needed, we provide a prompt response any time of day, 7 days a week.

Solutions for Audio Video, Theater, Telecom, Automation and Home Networking


The Film Experience

The goal is to create exactly what happens in a movie theater, with the image from a high quality projector reflecting to your eyes from a large film screen. Your screen size, its height off the floor, and how many rows of seats you have are factors to account for in your theater room design. The key is getting the sight lines right. You want all viewers to enjoy the entire picture without having to look over or around someone’s head, and you don’t want viewers to have to stretch their necks to see the screen. Just One Touch experts can help with this, laying out in CAD format almost all of our dedicated front projection home theaters. Line of sight is a tricky subject and can make or break a room where more than a couple of people will enjoy the film experience.

Room Design

“The Internet of Things” is a phrase that refers to the objects and products that are interconnected and identifiable through digital networks. With a smart home, you can control all of these “things” with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. All your devices and appliances in your home are connected with each other and with you. Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home reacts. Most applications relate to lighting, home security, home theater and entertainment, and thermostat regulation.

Acoustics and Soundproofing

In designing a dedicated home theater, speaker placement is extremely important. By far, the most important track in a film is the dialogue track. This is produced through the center channel speaker. If you cannot understand dialogue, the impact of the movie is greatly reduced. In theater rooms with multiple rows of seats, hearing dialogue clearly can be a challenge. Not only should your family and guests be able to see the entire screen, they need to hear all of the speakers. No speaker is more important than the center channel. It’s fairly easy to get sound right when there is only one row of home theater seating, but with two or more rows, the location of the center channel becomes critical.

Speaker Placement

The best separation for the speakers is ideally from 45 to 60º angles in relation to the main seating position. We customize the location based on usage and interior space and our staff will plot this out. The subwoofer, providing deep bass effects, is usually hidden near the screen and close to a corner for reflection of sound waves. The more subs the better – and we’ve found four is ideal! Surround speakers give the sound a spacial quality and are positioned to the sides or commonly on the rear wall. Their placement will be related to how your seating arrangement works out. We can offer lots of advice here.

Ultimate Home Theater

Imagine your home theater replicating a movie studio’s screening room. Your guests are enjoying wine, food and conversation when you command your control system to dim the room and begin the movie. As your guests move to their seats, the studio intro and movie credits begin in stunning clarity with Dolby Vision’s 4k – 8k resolution that provides an almost three-dimensional vividness. The crystal clear Dolby Atmos soundtrack envelopes your audience in rich detail.

Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying an evening in with family — they will love the movie theater quality — in the convenience of your own home! Is this your ultimate home theater dream? Our design team can help to make your dream come true.

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